Wellness Coaching and Consulting

Wellness Coaching and Consulting

“Wellness is the integration of mind, body, and spirit – the appreciation that everything you do, and think, and feel, and believe has an impact on your state of health and the health of the world.’’ ~ John Travis, M.D.

Are you struggling to achieve the kind of health and wellness lifestyle you desire and deserve?

As a holistic nurse, wellness coach, and life purpose facilitator, I have always known it was important to assess and explore the mind/body/spirit aspects of each person. I help people understand their unique “whole” self and how everything in their life affects everything else.

Wellness is a way of life – a lifestyle you choose and design to achieve your highest potential for well-being. High-level wellness involves self-care which integrates daily ways to shed stress by walking, napping, praying, thinking thoughts that empower you and others, having a sense of purpose and meaning, being authentic and living a life you desire, being grateful, and helping others in need. These are just a few ways to look at your life in a more holistic perspective.

That is why for more than 20 years I have helped people by integrating the five steps of The Circle of Life Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching process:

  1. Self-Inquiry Assessment which evaluates 12 areas of your life.
  2. Blueprint for change self-assessment that helps identify where you are in the change or transition process.
  3. Set intentions, goals, challenges, and accountability for your coaching sessions.
  4. Review your personal actions and how you are achieving your personal goals such as health, exercise, career, family, and purpose.
  5. Re-evaluate your goals, course corrections, and accountability.

What you do in the coaching sessions:

  • Get clear on priorities
  • Make life-affirming choices
  • Find solutions for your life issues
  • Develop a comprehensive action plan
  • Learn self-healing techniques
  • Take action with accountability
  • Accomplish goals you thought impossible

Tools and practices, you can integrate into coaching:

  • Breathwork
  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Mindfulness
  • Beliefs Release
  • Detox and Supplements

If you’re ready to get started, push the Get Started button below. You will be directed to my payment section. When your payment is received, you will receive a questionnaire to complete before our first session.

I look forward to helping you live a healthier and more purposeful life!

Fee: $650.00 for 4 sessions

Or call us at 404-824-7332 to learn more. 

Here’s what our clients tell us about how their lives have transformed:

“I attended your wellness retreat, and I really enjoyed your walking us through the process of writing a life vision statement. I’m a goal setter, but I have never taken the approach to set goals while envisioning I already had achieved them. This was a life-changing experience.”

Kristen McArthur

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