Create a Crystal Clear Vision for Your Life!

This is the third blog in this series on Life Purpose that helps you get to know yourself better by getting really clear about who you are authentically, and what you desire for your life.

Why is it so difficult to get clear about what we deeply desire?

When we were young, we were creative and dreamed of our bright futures. What happened to those dreams? I believe that as adults, we have forgotten how to play, create, and dream. We focus on so much other stuff that keeps us from listening to the deeper voice inside; stuff like people-pleasing, staying constantly active and stressed, living someone else’s dream, craving more power and/or security, or old beliefs that cripple us with pain, fear and doubt.

So how do we start to get really clear? Here are three practical steps to get more clarity on remembering who you are from your deeper essence. Just write whatever comes up from your mind. Let your mind think really, really big! Do not edit yourself!

Step One: Get Quiet

Sit in a comfortable, quiet place, be still, meditate, and listen to that little inner voice that has been trying to reach you. What do you really want to do next? What is trying to come forth from you? Pay close attention to your recurring dreams, fantasies, intuitions, feedback and longings.

Step Two: Make Note of Areas That Keep Calling Out to YOU

What do you like to do, what interests you, what keeps drawing your attention? What keeps showing up in your life? What keeps calling out to you?

Which magazines do you look at? In which courses or classes are you interested but never allow yourself to take? About which subjects do you daydream? Like opening a day spa or a coffee shop at the beach in Mexico, or using your creative flair with food to become a chef?

Step Three: Record Your Answers to These Questions

Next, while still in your quiet place, let your body and mind relax, and ask your inner self: Let’s go a little deeper.

  • What did you especially love doing when you were a child, before the world told you what you should do? What is uniquely your gifts and talents?
  • Tell me about two of your most challenging life experiences, how have they shaped you?
  • What do you enjoy doing in your life that helps you feel really empowered?
  • What images keep popping into your mind when you think about your passion?

I hope the above questions and writing exercise has helped you get more clarity for living the life you deeply desire. Please consider coming to the Living Boldly From Your Purpose.

Are You Living Your One Previous Life?

Happy senior couple playing with a wheelbarrow

Life today is clearly more stressful, complicated and unpredictable than it has ever been.

As a result, many of us are tired, worried, stressed and depleted of our life energy. Many people are experiencing some kind of concern about, health, emotional issues or relationships.

Frequently, when I speak with a new client, I hear many of the same concerns such as, “I am so exhausted, I can’t make it through the day.” “I am tired of the life I am living”

Does this sound like your life? You are just going through life in a mindless way, only to realize one day that you are faced with divorce, have a health issue, or over your head in debt.

I have found that many people continue to struggle to maintain a lifestyle that is no longer life-sustaining.

We rarely stop our daily grind long enough to be mindful of our life and what is happening around us. Often people purchase more “things” which they think will help them manage or enjoy their already over-extended lifestyle.

It seems to me that we have allowed ourselves to be hypnotized and seduced by the media, financial institutions, celebrities and political leaders who want to control our lives and our beliefs. If we believe the world is falling apart, that belief takes away our power. However, we have choices in how we decide to believe: are we going to create a new world, or are we going to struggle through this one to our death?

Alternative girl with piercing unmask a good girl

We have forgotten who we truly are!

Take off the mask and look at the truth of your life and the world around you. We are all divine souls and we have the choice to live our lives as we choose. The divine gave us free will, emotions and the ability to choose. It may seem that you don’t have a choice anymore, but you do.

As an entrepreneur who has been running my own coaching, training, and retreat business for 25 years, I know firsthand how exhausting it can be to keep all the “balls in the air.” 

Several years ago, I made a decision to work more in my home office, decrease most of my unnecessary commitments, and also reduce activities such as networking, attending too many conferences and over-volunteering.

I released many people around me who were not honoring and supporting me in my personal and spiritual development.

I decided to spend more time with myself to meditate, write, walk, pray, and share the precious life I have left with friends who are awake and who have a high vibration for life. I also decided to engage in activism that can help change the world.

To make change requires you to get quiet and to have time to be introspective.

If we do not get quiet, we will never be able to ask ourselves the essential questions of life:  


What do I deeply want for my life?

What is next in my life and what do I need to release to move into a vibration that will help me manifest the aspects of my life that I truly want?

During these times of turbulent change on the Earth, I highly recommend some of the following steps to help you energize, and reconnect to what is truly important in your life.

  • Stop telling your STORY! If you are still telling the same old story, you have not “let go” so you can heal your life. Instead of the story, ask yourself what you have learned from your life experience and what you need to release so you can move forward. Allow yourself to move through the resistance to hear the truth. 
  • Take a look at your relationships: they reflect your relationship with yourself. If you do not love yourself, you will have a void in your connection with your body, mind and spirit. If you want intimacy and deep love in your life, you must first love yourself. You will then draw in the vibration of a similar level of love from everyone around you.
  • Take your own power back by choosing not to be a victim. Do not listen to fearful thoughts from people around you or from the negative media. Most of the time the media does not know what is really happening in the world! Find sources that support and empower you to become powerful.
  • Be aware of the tricksters who present themselves as gurus, leaders or teachers, who attempt to take your power and control from you. These so-called teachers do not allow you to step into your power. You already have the God/goddess ability to know how to change and heal your life.
  • Clear and detox your body, mind, and spirit. Spend some time connecting with the Earth, place your feet on the Earth and allow the energy to move upward in your body and release the fear and negativity. Listen to music that has a high vibration. Sounds can help clear and rebalance your cells. Go to www.Tom for free downloads.

Seven Proven Stress – Busters That Work

Stress builds up throughout the day. However, there are many ways to slow down or interrupt the mind’s programmed response to stress. Any activity that allows you to relax and refocus your awareness instead of reacting to the situation will ultimately give you some recovery time.

Take 5-10 minutes to practice a stress-buster relief technique, so you can relieve pent-up anxiety and experience amazing beneficial outcomes. Many of these techniques can be done when tension strikes at your desk, in a meeting, in your car, at lunch, in the bank or sitting in the airport. So take a deep breath… and begin!


Is the Life or Business You Are Living The Life You Desire?

Life desires

As I travel to engage in conferences or coach entrepreneurs, teach life purpose classes or facilitate painting retreats, people consistently ask me the same question: “Joyce, how do I discover my purpose in life?”

Right now, millions of people are experiencing a yearning and desire to awaken to their unique gifts and talents, offer them in service to the world, and to enjoy a life of abundance and fulfillment as a result.

So why is living a life of meaning and purpose so elusive? It is because our current social system does not support us to live “on purpose” but rather to live “in survival mode.”

This is why many people feel trapped in a dull, daily routine which drains their life energy. They may also be plagued by stress, and wracked with anxiety and fear. Others are frantically “chasing the buck” and/or consumed with their lust for power and possessions.

However, many others may already enjoy freedom, the fruit of their prosperity generated from their business, but even such freedom does not quench their thirst for true and rich meaning in their life.

One of life’s great fulfillments is achieving true inner and outer purpose.

As we know, it is not always easy to find and live your life purpose! While this reflection work cannot be fully accomplished during a single session or a weekend retreat, it is a great place to start this process.

So how and where do you start?

The process begins with becoming self-aware, then accepting a high level of responsibility for your life. Next, you can learn how to remove the blocks and beliefs that keep you from realizing your true potential.

Clear your Path
Getting Clear on a New Path

The first step is to get quiet and get connected to the present moment. You must release your concerns regarding your past and your future. Meditation and quiet reflection are essential tools you’ll use on this journey of self-discovery.

Sit with a journal or piece of paper. Ask yourself: “What is trying to come forth in my life? What is my inner purpose for my life? What is my greater calling?”

Keep meditating and asking these questions.

Pay attention! Over time, your purpose will be revealed through the type of information, events and opportunities which come into your life.

Sarah’s Search to Reveal Her Life Purpose

Sarah, a divorce attorney, consulted me to help her break through her unhappiness within her current legal career. She wanted to start a business that was in alignment with her desire to empower women to use their gifts to enjoy a more meaningful life.

We started by examining Sarah’s life for common threads and major themes. Together, we identified her core, lifelong strengths, values, and passions that energized her and brought her joy.

As a result of this work together, Sarah started a non-profit organization which empowers women around the world to build small businesses which support themselves and their families. Sarah is now enjoying a more meaningful and purposeful life!

Getting Support

Like Sarah, most people find this process challenging to do alone. That’s why I recommend you share this experience with a small group of like-minded individuals, or have a “Finding Your Life Purpose” session that I offer.

Take Action NOW!

Ready to find and live your life purpose? Then take the first step by signing up for a complimentary Find Your Life Purpose session. Together, we will take the next steps!

Awaken To Your Calling: Create the Life and Work You Love


  • Are you yearning to make a life change but find it overwhelming?
  • Do you continue to work at a job that drains your very soul?
  • Are you fearful of doing what you most desire to do?

There is always a particular moment when you clearly know you need to make change in your life. That desire for change is a like a grain of sand in a shoe, imperceptible at first but grinding away until it becomes the only thing you notice. Your instinct is to dismiss the feelings. Saying, “I can tough this out “or “it could be worse”.

Often we find it easier to recognize the emotions and feeling of others but nearly impossible to recognize our own needs and yearnings. Why is this?

By midlife, after years of loss, comprise, denial, and fear we lose track of our “true self” and the dreams we had. We often struggle letting go of what does not serve our highest needs.

The ego has great difficulty letting go of anything and will defend itself with great intensity. The truth is we must let go of who we are in order to become who we want to be. Gregory Levoy, author of Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic life says, “Sometimes we hear the calling but fear what will be demanded of us if we respond to the “call”.

Our lives speak through our actions and reactions, our intuitions and instincts, our feelings and our words. If we can learn to listen, read our own responses, we will receive the guidance we need.

You must slow down to be able to hear the “calling”, as to why you need to reinvent yourself, change your mindset, change your career, go back to school, or start a business.

Moments of awareness come in many ways to point us toward action.
They include:

  • A dream that keeps coming back.
  • A symptom in your body that reoccurs
  • A call from someone you need to hear from
  • A book that falls into your lap
  • An emotional issue that keeps reappearing
  • A e-mail that excites you about doing volunteer work

These wake-up calls stimulate your intuition; encourage you to ask deeper questions and to seek the answers. This process is a gateway into the deepest layers of your “inner self”.

The time is now! All it takes is an idea, a discovery or a breakthrough that turns the fear of your unwanted situation into the hope of new possibilities.

Strategy Session:

To explore what your next step is request a complementary strategy session, where we’ll meet together for 30 minutes and uncover what you’d really like to create in your life, and I will show you how I can help you reach your dream.

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7 Great Reasons to Listen to Discover Your Calling

rainbowWelcome to 2014 a New Year.

How is this year going to be different than last year? If you don’t make any changes in your beliefs, dreams or expectations for your life not much will change.

If you could live your life with more passion and purpose what would you be doing, what would you be feeling, how would your life change?

It is not that difficult to make simple life changes than can dramatically shift your life?

This is why Jennifer, my co-host and myself decided to make our own life changes this year and to offer the strategies and practices we are doing on a free teleconference: Discover Your Calling: 4 Power Steps to Activate Your Life Purpose; Wednesday, January 15th at 7:00pm EST.

We have so many people who are interested we had to get more telephone lines! If you can’t attend the complementary teleconference just go ahead and sign up and we will send you the link to download the call.

If you are struggling with feeling connected, passionate, in service and living your purpose here are 7 reasons you should listen to the teleconference.

  1. You have a sense that there is more you are here to be and do in this lifetime, but you are not clear how to tap into your brilliance.
  2. You know you’re supposed to be living a much bigger life than you are now, but don’t know how to make this change.
  3. You’re stuck in old emotions, memories and other unproductive life patterns
  4. You dread going to work or performing your current daily activities.
  5. You expend a lot of energy resisting change or trying to force things to happen or go your way.
  6. You don’t feel connected to your life anymore, or you don’t feel aligned to the natural flow of the universe.
  7. You are frustrated with your lack of progress and spend too much time with struggle, fear and doubt.

Seize this opportunity to explore 4 Power Steps to Activate Your Life Purpose. Sign up Now!

A Lesson in Stillness
A Hike in the North Georgia Mountains

Apple Capitol of Georgia

Photo: Art Meripol

About 80 miles north of Atlanta, the small town of Ellijay sits on the edge of the Chattahoochee National Forest. Renowned as the “Apple Capitol of Georgia.”

These poems by Mark Nepo reminds me of how much I love to hike in the fall in the North Georgia Mountains. It is magnificent!

Reduced to Joy

I was sipping coffee on the way to work,the back road under a canopy of maples turning orange. In the dip of woods, a small doe gently leaping. I pulled over, for there was nowhere else to go. She paused as if she knew I was watching. A few orange leaves fell around her like blessings no one can seem to find. I sipped some coffee, completely at peace, knowing it wouldn’t last. But that’s alright.

We never know when we will blossom into what we’re supposed to be. It might be early. It might be late. It might be after thirty years of failing at a misguided way. Or the very first time we dare to shed our mental skin and touch the world.

They say, if real enough, some see God at the moment of their death. But isn’t every fall and letting go a death? Isn’t God waiting right now in the chill between the small doe’s hoof and those fallen leaves? — Mark Nepo

Excerpted from Reduced to Joy by Mark Nepo.

On the Ridge

We can grow by simply listening, the way the tree on that ridge listens its branches to the sky, the way blood listens its flow to the site of a wound, the way you listen like a basin when my head so full of grief can’t look you in the eye. We can listen our way out of anger, if we let the heart soften the wolf we keep inside. We can last by listening deeply, the way roots reach for the next inch of earth, the way an old turtle listens all he hears into the pattern of his shell. — Mark Nepo

Excerpted from Reduced to Joy by Mark Nepo.

5 Steps to Get Unstuck and Make a Change

5 Steps to Get Unstuck and Make a ChangeIt has been a hard year for a lot of us as we experience loss, grief, health issues and radical change, both personally and globally. Although you may not be able to make all the changes you want now, you can start to mentally and emotionally make changes for how you want your life to be.

It’s time to get unstuck and make a change! Do you know what changes you need to make? If you are like a lot of us, there is at least one area where you feel stagnant, blocked, or at a loss.

Should you try to breathe life back into a tired relationship–or say enough and stop throwing good years away? Have you had it with your ho-hum job that is leading you nowhere? Do you need to take better care of your body in a healthy way but don’t know where to start?

Are you yearning for change?
It is a time for deep introspection, and for exploring how you want to live this part of your life and how you want to become more authentically who you are.Yoga man

  • Step One: Schedule a quiet time to think about some of the questions you need to ask yourself to make change.

Do I want to spend the rest of my working life in my present career? What changes can I begin to make now to ensure better physical and psychological health for the rest of my life? Which relationships do I want to keep and which do I let go? Am I really happy and content with my daily life now?

  • Step Two: Get clear about what you want for your life.

Develop a personal profile that highlights several areas: Your passions, your dream job or career, your wish for where you want to live, and your overall health and wellness. Give yourself permission to get in touch with your suppressed vision of who you truly are and how you want your life to actually be.

  • Step Three: Identify obstacles and outdated beliefs.

Do you have limiting thoughts that are holding you back?

Your set of beliefs, thoughts and lifestyle habits, which include your food choices, your form of exercise, your sleep patterns and stress level, can be an obstacle for living a healthy lifestyle. What are your thoughts and limiting behaviors? It is essential that you learn how to recognize your unproductive thoughts, and how the thoughts make you feel. If you feel good you know you are in a positive or higher vibration.

  • Step Four: Take action to make permanent change.

It is not enough to just verbalize or visualize your goals. You must have a plan and take steps to create what you want!

Action Steps: Write down your goals and action steps to achieve them during the next 3 months. Identify your strengths and areas for improvement and following up with your plan.

  • Step Five: Get help to hold yourself accountable.

To help you manifest your goals and dreams, I recommend that you create accountability by finding a buddy, hiring a coach, or joining a mastermind group with like-minded people to help you reach your goals.

We are all coping in these turbulent times. It’s not abnormal or unusual to sometimes face the lesson or challenge, or to sometimes be in the dark either unaware or stuck. Relief is palpable when we discover that it’s okay to be where you are. Breathe, let go!

Miraculous Magnificence

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. ” —Joseph Campbell

Miraculous MagnificenceToday’s message is to celebrate the magnificence of your radiant, joyful spirit. If you could see your body as a physicist can see it, you would observe atoms or particles moving at lightning speed around vast, empty spaces. These particles aren’t material objects at all. They are fluctuations of energy and information in a huge empty space. And what is this space? It is the womb of creation, the field of all possibilities. It is the same place that nature goes to fashion a galaxy and to fashion a thought.

This field of pure potentiality is within you. It is your inner space that gives rise with amazing fertility to all of the divine qualities of the universe, including love, grace, abundance, joy, creativity, and freedom. You are a unique expression of everything in existence, and you shine with the beauty of a million stars.

Mindful Moment

India’s ancient Vedic tradition

There is a beautiful saying in India’s ancient Vedic tradition:

“If you want to recreate the world, look at it with fresh eyes.”

Today have the intention to see one thing as if for the first time. Look without the camouflage of your memories. Sometimes the hardest thing is to truly see someone we have known for a long time, such as our partner, child, or friend. We assume we know who they are, and so we stop seeing. It is also important to look at yourself as though doing so for the first time. We may assume that we know ourselves, but as we are discovering, who we are is much more than our limited ego-mind can envision.

Through the eyes of your true self, take a few moments to consider how truly magnificent you really are.

Oprah and Deepak: 21 Day Meditation Challenge

How to Become Open and Willing to Change

The Greek goddess of crossroads and the mystical underworld Hecate reminds us of the importance of change which helps us to release the past, especially those things that are hindering our growth, and to accept change and transitions.

A friend of mine recently met Hecate. My friend grew up in a family whose father’s career demanded relocation with each promotion, so at an early age, she accepted that change would be a constant factor in her life and learned how to adapt. Now in mid-life, she is no longer as comfortable with change, particularly in terms of how it has affected her career. More than two years of diligent job-seeking has netted her nothing more than frustration and disappointment because she has been unconsciously unwillingly to accept the new employment landscape. Essentially, my friend was clenching a part of her past that was no longer supporting her. Her focus was blurring as she was losing sight of her life’s purpose and now feels completely lost.

Know anyone in your life who might be experiencing this as well?

Finally, my friend took a leap of faith. She consciously decided she had to change something in herself in order to free herself of her negative energy that seemed to be working against her. She unclenched her fists and made the brave decision to simply “let go and go with the flow;” to relax, give up the pounding fight and allow herself to be open to change. With my coaching, she was empowered to make this powerful evolutionary, conscious shift.

Because she decided to stop struggling, release her grip on her past beliefs as to what her career should look like now, and instead, make herself available to receive what the universe is attempting to deliver, she reports feeling a sense of peace for the first time in years.

Not surprisingly, within a matter of three weeks, the universe has presented her with three employment opportunities to consider!

We are all in the process of experiencing evolutionary shifts which can sometimes create life challenges which may force us to slow down and experience our precious life more fully.

To make change, you must be willing to be open to change even if you are not ready for it. Also, you must be honest with yourself in order to understand the truth which the lesson is trying to awaken you to experience.

Have you been putting off making a choice because it seems too overwhelming or a “no win” situation? Does the choice create fear of the unknown? Does it seem better and/or easier to remain with what you know?

Hecate meets you at the crossroads when you must make a change.

Here’s how to make that transition easier:

  • If you are not ready to make that leap, simply acknowledge that and let go.
  • Trust that you will be able to make a choice when the time is right.
  • Don’t push yourself or blame yourself.
  • Release your desire to know the answer or the outcome.
  • Sit quietly, close your eyes, relax and allow clarity to reveal itself.

Write to me to share your “meeting with Hecate” so that others can benefit from your experience as well!