Miraculous Magnificence

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. ” —Joseph Campbell

Miraculous MagnificenceToday’s message is to celebrate the magnificence of your radiant, joyful spirit. If you could see your body as a physicist can see it, you would observe atoms or particles moving at lightning speed around vast, empty spaces. These particles aren’t material objects at all. They are fluctuations of energy and information in a huge empty space. And what is this space? It is the womb of creation, the field of all possibilities. It is the same place that nature goes to fashion a galaxy and to fashion a thought.

This field of pure potentiality is within you. It is your inner space that gives rise with amazing fertility to all of the divine qualities of the universe, including love, grace, abundance, joy, creativity, and freedom. You are a unique expression of everything in existence, and you shine with the beauty of a million stars.

Mindful Moment

India’s ancient Vedic tradition

There is a beautiful saying in India’s ancient Vedic tradition:

“If you want to recreate the world, look at it with fresh eyes.”

Today have the intention to see one thing as if for the first time. Look without the camouflage of your memories. Sometimes the hardest thing is to truly see someone we have known for a long time, such as our partner, child, or friend. We assume we know who they are, and so we stop seeing. It is also important to look at yourself as though doing so for the first time. We may assume that we know ourselves, but as we are discovering, who we are is much more than our limited ego-mind can envision.

Through the eyes of your true self, take a few moments to consider how truly magnificent you really are.

Oprah and Deepak: 21 Day Meditation Challenge

How to Create Conscious Relationships

If the concept of living a more conscious lifestyle intrigues you, you’re not alone. Millions of people are becoming more conscious and mindful of the need to make changes in themselves, their relationships and their communities. The main thing it takes is your willingness to change.

But, often others in your life aren’t as aware and awake as you desire to be.

We all have some forms of relationships with those who seem self-involved and unaware; people who lack an interest in learning about anything outside their comfort zone. They’re not doing anything to positively impact their small corner of the world, and they don’t seem the least bit interested in changing or improving themselves, either.

In a sense, they’re unconscious. So, what do you do when some of the people you care about are not on the path to deeper consciousness?

And, what if one of these people is your spouse, a sibling, long-time friend, teammate or co-worker with whom you want to have a deeper, more meaningful and genuine connection? Dennis Merritt Jones, award-winning author, keynote speaker and spiritual mentor, tells us that how mindfully awake we are in our relationships determines what we shall bring to them and receive from them.”

So while you are actively, consciously growing, how can you effectively share your experience with this less-mindful person, so they’ll also begin to understand the benefits of living in a world that is more conscious and mindful?

This can be a challenge – yet a worthwhile one if you truly value the relationship. Here are some ways you can inspire, encourage and gently coax this person toward his or her own path to hopefully awaken to a deeper consciousness:

  • Share a consciousness-raising practice together (meditation, yoga, or mindfulness activity). Invite your friend or partner to join you for a health/wellness activity. Or, offer to show her a new way to relieve her job- or family-related stress. Instead of heading straight for the local bar, start your “girls’ night out” at your yoga studio or wellness spa. Yoga or meditation may just become the bridge to her higher sense of self.
  • Share with your friend or spouse what you have been doing to awaken yourself to become more mindful, such as deciding to be more present in your life. Your own personal experience can powerfully influence others to help them make changes as well. When your spouse or friend sees the effects of your decision, they’ll want to know what has shifted about you.
  • Invite your friend to an event or workshop about a subject in which they’re interested, such as stress management, health and wellness, or a couple’s relationship program. This is a great way to casually and comfortably socialize with others who want to live a more conscious lifestyle.

The goal is to engage with your spouse, partner or friend in a way that encourages them to take their own first step toward deepening their consciousness. However, despite your best efforts to develop a deeper relationship, your friend may nevertheless fade away, or your spouse or sibling will never really achieve a deeper connection with you.

Whatever you do, don’t give up on a relationship you truly value. LD Thompson, spiritual teacher, filmmaker, and author of “The Message: A Guide To Being Human” says that “If one maintains commitment to growth and embracing change, the chances for a successful relationship are greater.”

How do you develop conscious relationships with those in your life? Write to me on the blog and share your most effective techniques with our community.

As Dennis Merritt Jones reminds us, “it is the relationships we have on the journey that truly make life worth living, so why not make the journey consciously?”