Five Ways to Live More Deeply During Challenging Times

Five Ways to Live More Deeply During Challenging Times

According to Abraham Maslow’s higher order of needs, we all need to feel our basic needs are met. During this time of loss, depression, and disconnection from each other, we are moving back and forth from our higher needs to our basic safety ones.

Take a minute to answer these questions and ask yourself, “Are my needs being met?”

  1. Are you eating healthfully?
  2. Are you giving your body enough exercise and sunshine
  3. Do you have emotional or physical issues that need more conscious attention?
  4. Are you getting enough rest and sleep?
  5. Are you feeling safe in your home and work environments?

If you are feeling frustrated with not reaching your higher potential, perhaps you can explore whether your basic needs are being met.

Contact me to schedule a 30-minute call and we will explore whether this is a good next step for you.

Say Yes to Your Life in 2018!

“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity to do something and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes. Then learn how to do it later.”
— Richard Branson

When was the last time you said ‘yes’ with confidence, excitement, and passion? In life, there are those of us who dare and those of us who try our best not to get ourselves into any situation that requires us to be uncomfortable in any way.

Saying ‘no thank you’ to new experiences is the easiest way out of learning anything from life that you do not already know.

It may sometimes be safe to say no, but it’s hardly ever a great learning experience.

Saying yes, to ideas, projects, and adventures can lead you down a path you would never be on if you do not take the chance to say Yes.

What are you willing to say “Yes” to in 2018?

Why do we not say yes to our life?

  1. We are terrified we will make a mistake. We would rather live small and safe. So many people never do anything out of the box. They never say yes, sometimes they say maybe but mainly they say no thanks. They go to the same place for vacation, socialize with the same people, eat in the same restaurants.
  2. We live a life for someone else, not ourselves.
    Most people follow a path in life they think is for themselves when they are really just living for the approval of their family or others.
    Research shows that many students choose to study a career path that is not their passion or purpose. It may be years later before they realize that their passion and gifts are not being shared with the world.
  3. We don’t believe we can have or deserve what we want.

We have a lifetime of unproductive, self-limiting thoughts and behaviors that unconsciously tells us no. We live in the past and repeat the same thoughts over and over. It is impossible to live the life of your dreams if you live in the past and focus on regrets.

Life is too short to not live for yourself. Your friends, family and business acquaintances may or may not accept the life you want to lead, but doing so is still what you must do if you want to be truly happy and live with a purpose.

“When we go to our Source, we activate the energy that reconnects us to our purpose.”
— Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Joyce Dillon, RN, MN, BCC,
Visionary Life Purpose Coach,
Radio Host, Mind-Body Practitioner, Intuitive Painter

The Importance of Extreme Self Care Starting Now and 2018

Extreme self-care is not just basic self-care. Most of us do basic self-care, like going to the dentist, getting a vision exam, or visiting our primary care doctor for a yearly check-up.
Additionally, you might take a Yoga class, treat yourself to a monthly massage, or exercise daily. But there is much more to extreme self-care than these basic practices. It involves a wholistic mindset and advanced practices that nurture your overall well-being so that you can live the life you love now, and throughout the new year to come.

You may think that extreme self-care, especially during the busy holidays, sounds selfish and self-absorbed. You may say, “Why should I put myself at the top of my list, or focus on what I want when others’ needs come first?”

Well, during the past 15 years, I’ve coached hundreds of clients who have wanted to significantly change their lives. Many of them have been able to overcome obstacles and make dramatic changes in their lives.

From this experience, I have identified six of the most common obstacles that consistently prevent people from really enjoying excellent self-care so they can live the life they love.

 Here are these six obstacles:

  1. Your schedule does not reflect your priorities. You find yourself exhausted at the end of the day with very little time to do the things that are important to you.
  2.  You feel drained by certain people, negative environments, and the management of things. You have a long list of things to do, which seemingly is never completed. Certain types of places and people drain your energy, including family members and some friends who call you to complain.
  3. You have a job or career that may still support you financially, but no longer supports you spiritually. You don’t know how to make the change you need, so you continue working the same job year after year.
  4. You have no plan or vision for your life. You are living day by day and making no changes in your health, relationships or career. Your life is becoming dull and boring.
  5. You are missing a supportive community in your life. You feel isolated and disconnected from others who are like-minded, and who could be of great value to you.
  6. Your spiritual well-being gets lost in your busy life. You would like to spend more time in meditation, prayer, and/or yoga but your busy life keeps getting in your way.

Creating the fulfilling life you want takes courage and vision, and your commitment to your own extreme self-care.

I know this to be true, because I spent much of my mid-life living in New York City, working a full-time nursing job in the evening while developing a fashion and event business during the day. I frequently went to bed at 1 a.m. and got up at 7:00 a.m. I was exhausted most of the time, but I just kept going.

It took me years to slow down and learn to say “no” to overworking and attending events that weren’t important to me.

It has only been during the past eight years that I started to seriously integrate extreme self-care in my life and make myself my priority. That is why I am very passionate about this subject!

Hay House author and life coach Cheryl Richardson wrote a wonderful book, “The Art of Extreme Self-Care: Transform Your Life One Month at a Time.”

Cheryl says, “Enjoying a life of extreme self-care means living and working in a soul-nurturing environment, developing a greater appreciation for and connection with nature, doing work that provides an opportunity to express your greatest gifts and talents, and caring for your emotional, physical, and spiritual health in a way that’s aligned with who you are and what you most need.”

This is a challenging concept for most people!

Here are ways you can turn your life around one change at a time.

  1. Ask yourself, “what is showing up in my life, what is working and what needs to change? What is creating stress and unhappiness in my life?”
  2. Get clear on what you really want for your life. Get your priorities straight. Set new priorities that align with what is really important to you.
  3. Identify the old beliefs and patterns that are holding you back from living an empowered, healthy, and spiritual lifestyle.
  4. Hire a coach to help you be accountable for making change, and start your New Year by joining my 4-hour “Get Going – Jump Into 2018” workshop.
  5. Create a plan that will help you improve your health, nutrition, and well-being. If you have health issues, your health care must be one of your main priorities. Tell yourself the truth about the types of foods you are putting into your body, and how you are really treating your body, while expecting it to fuel and support you all day.
  6. Find a community of like-minded people to support, challenge and encourage you to be your best self. This is one of the most important things you can do to create and sustain your well-being.
  7. Increase your spiritual practice with meditation, prayer, and engaging in religious/spiritual community. Online courses offered by The Shift Network, Sounds True, Wisdom University, and many others are available to support you.

Making a decision to change your life begins by becoming aware that you deserve to live a better life, a healthier life, a more abundant life. You then can make a choice to live a life of extreme, fulfilling self-care!

Let go of the past. In 2018, do something different that moves your life forward this year. Let yourself dream, create a vision, make a plan and most importantly, take action!

The Top 3 Blogs For 2016


In looking back over 2016, I have written numerous blogs on life purpose, fully living, sabotage, perfection, meaningful work and many more. I have included resources and steps to help you make change and have answered your most pressing concerns about your fears, doubts, challenges, and deepest desires.

The key topics I see emerging from this list of the most widely read posts are:

  1. How to find and live your life purpose.
  2. How to deal with negative beliefs and thoughts.
  3. What is my calling?
  4. How to integrate creativity in my busy life?

Below are the top 3 most read posts in 2016. I am digging deeper this year in supporting people to take the chance to live more fully from their true authentic, courageous, wild self.

Are You Living Your One Previous Life?

Life today is clearly more stressful, complicated and unpredictable than it has ever been.

As a result, many of us are tired, worried, stressed and depleted of our life energy. Many people are experiencing some kind of concern about, health, emotional issues or relationships.

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3 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Your Success

Let’s assume that you’ve identified your true purpose in life and you’re on your way to actualizing it. And then you fall off track. You realize that you have started to sabotage reaching your goals.

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Is your Life Trying to Get Your Attention to Live More on Purpose?

Stress and burnout are common terms we hear and use today. But what are those feelings really trying to tell us?

Is something out of kilter or do you find less joy and meaning in your job or business? Are you just going through the motions of something that once excited and motivated you? 

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Peace and Love


It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Life

women_with_arms_outstretchedIt’s never too late – never too late to start over, never too late to be happy. -Jane Fonda

Change is inevitable-and it is everywhere around us on the planet…

It’s hard not to see all the changes that are happening around us-as our old rigid structures such as our political, finance, health, are crumbling in front of us.

Most everyone I know has experienced some life-changing crisis that has required drastic change?

In the last few years, I have experienced several health challenges, and loss and grief of many things I loved in my life. Experiencing deep grief requires you to dig deep into who you are at your essence to help you rebound and reset the course of your life.

I had to work with my thoughts and beliefs daily to get through this rough period. It was about letting go of deep fear of loss and grief of who I thought my self to be. This transformative process required a profound shift in my mind, body and spirit. Here are three steps that helped me to get unstuck.

  1. Stop focusing on what you lost. Find something to replace it, and acknowledge the blessings you have now.
  2. Follow your passion and the next steps will be revealed to you. When you look back on your life you know this to be true.
  3. Trust your intuition and pay attention to the “calls” and synchronicities of events that the universe is sending to you daily.

As difficult as this period is, the changes we are all experiencing need to happen so we can create a more vibrant, authentic, and spiritually connected life.

Yes, change is inevitable-and it all begins with you!

Would you like to discover how to more fully live the life you desire? Read more.

Joyce Dillon, RN, MN
Visionary Life and Success Coach

Is your life calling you? Finding and living your life purpose

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.”
-Alan Cohen

doorwayI grew up in Louisville, Kentucky in a close-knit, blue-collar, small community. My father died when I was seven and left my mother to raise me. As a “career housewife,” she was forced to quickly learn a marketable skill to support us. She became a caregiver for children and older adults.

Like many other people, my mother’s career and life path was the result of chance rather than personal choice. Yet no one in my community or even my own family ever asked me, “Joyce, what do you want to do with your life?”

During most of my youth, I yearned to move to New York to work in the fashion industry, a dream which was clearly not supported by my family. Both my mother and brother encouraged me to get a job that would provide me with income that would support me for my lifetime.

So I abandoned my New York dreams and became a nurse. This worthwhile profession provided me much personal freedom and a good salary for most of my life. I loved being a nurse for years yet I never really allowed myself to explore my calling of who I really am.

I never really understood what a “calling” was or how to find my life purpose until I started working on my own personal and spiritual development.

In my late 30’s, I realized part of my life-long dream. I moved to New York City, yet to work as the Clinical Nurse Director in a hospital. Over time, I became increasingly challenged to continue working along this path. I was beginning to listen to my “calling” to leave the career I had in order to create a new life more aligned with who I truly am.

On the day I resigned my position, I had no concrete plan for my life; nevertheless I took the first step on my life’s new path by enrolling in classes on how to run a business.

Again, I had no clear vision at that time, yet I bravely took action which launched me in the right direction after so many years on other paths.

Looking back over the past 30 years, I realize that I have recreated my life path multiple times. I have been a fashion consultant, a travel and meeting planner, a nurse consultant and now, a life and wellness coach. Each choice seemed to move me closer to my deeper life passion and purpose.

Are You Listening to Your Calls?

Perhaps you are already discovering that, as you move through life, your soul becomes “louder”: it starts to wake you up, shake you up, and demand more of you related to your life’s purpose, which is what your divine/God self expressed through you, wants you to do with your talents, your gifts, and your life.

Do you recognize these clues that indicate that you are moving toward your calling?

  1. Your current job or daily routine is increasingly stealing your joy and your energy. You find yourself exhausted at the end of every day, and are even more tired thinking about doing it again tomorrow.
  2. You have recurring symptoms such as a pain in your neck or shoulders which could be a metaphor for your life, as in you are “shouldering too much responsibility.”
  3. You feel a “tugging” inside you toward something else, but you either can’t identify exactly what that “something else” is, or you don’t allow yourself to explore what it could be.
  4. You keep relying on or reliving old patterns, old habits, or an old routine that worked for you in the past, only to find that now, they don’t. Doors that used to open easily are locked. Traditional paths lead to brick walls.
  5. You look for opportunities and excuses to do the things you love more often, and “sneak” them into your day when no one is watching because they’re your only lifesavers right now.

Recognize these feelings? That’s because your soul is trying to get your attention, get your head out of the way, and get you to listen to what you need to do to move forward.

Coaching mid-life women who are in transition, crisis or change to find their life purpose in their career, health, relationships, finances or well-being, is MY life purpose.

What’s yours? Have you always dreamt of doing something such as write a book, start a foundation to support children or women, live in a foreign country, get more education, and change your career…but until now, have never allowed yourself to do?

If you are serious about finding and living your life purpose, then download our complimentary audio recording, “Discovering Your Calling: 4 Power Steps to Activate Your Purpose.”

Also, join Jennifer and me in our 4-week course to learn how to step into your life purpose starting Wednesday, February 26th, at 7:00 p.m. EST. If you can’t attend each session, sign-up to get the recording so you can listen at your convenience, and listen up for your calling!

Blessings, Joyce