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The following products I highly endorse. I have done extensive research on all the products that I recommend. I use these products myself and have been trained to use many of the products and techniques. I selected these products because they are of the highest quality and have created remarkable change for the people who use them in their physical, mental, emotion and spiritual health.

We will be adding many more lifestyle products in the near future that promote relaxation, reduce stress, increase energy, balance life/work and family and enhance nutrition and fitness.


Loss and Grief Retreat Support Group

Facilitated by Joyce Dillon and Melody LeBaron


60-90-minute monthly support group calls


a 15-20 minute teaching by Joyce and/or Melody


Each call will be recorded in case you can’t make it to every call.


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Finding and Living Your Authentic Life: Embracing Your Soul’s Calling In Midlife

by Joyce Dillon RN, MN, and Dr. Caroline Dott

A one-of-a-kind workshop to help navigate transitional issues of midlife and find your soul’s calling!

In midlife, most people experience some physical, emotional, professional, or psychological changes which often occur in the form of restlessness, yearning, an unhappy marriage, affairs, or divorce; anxiety or depression.

Also, during this time, we may begin to notice our “deeper self” urging us to consider that our life has more purpose and meaning than we are aware of. Sound familiar? Then this 90 minutes of “Finding and Living Your Authentic Life: Embracing Your Soul’s Calling In Midlife” can help.


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Discover Your Calling: 4 Power Steps to Activate Your Life Purpose

by Joyce Dillon RN, MN, and Jennifer McKenna Weinbaum

Joyce and Jennifer share their in-depth insights, wisdom and their own wake-up calls with you. Each audio download is one of the 4 Power Steps to Activate Your Life Purpose:

1. Create a Vision – Clarify what is attempting to emerge from within to help you create the life you deserve.

2. Conquer Fear and Doubt – Identify old self-sabotaging core beliefs that keep you stuck in a vicious cycle or unable to hear and respond to your calling.

3. Break Down to Breakthrough – Understand the current shift in awareness that is causing dramatic or traumatic change in our personal lives and around the globe, which is actually supporting our transformation.

4. Create Your Community – Learn how to build a support system of like-minded people and resources to help you create and develop the next steps that will bring your vision to life.


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Life Strategies for Making Changes in Life and Work

Life Strategies for Making Changes in Life and Work

by Joyce Dillon RN, MN

Joyce’s live presentation will give you Five Practical Strategies that will help you immediately make permanent change in your life and work. Get clarity, take on new direction and take action on what you’ve been putting off for years. Complete with lecture handout and exercises to help you answer the critical question: “How do I make lasting change in my life”.

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