Seven Proven Stress – Busters That Work

Stress builds up throughout the day. However, there are many ways to slow down or interrupt the mind’s programmed response to stress. Any activity that allows you to relax and refocus your awareness instead of reacting to the situation will ultimately give you some recovery time.

Take 5-10 minutes to practice a stress-buster relief technique, so you can relieve pent-up anxiety and experience amazing beneficial outcomes. Many of these techniques can be done when tension strikes at your desk, in a meeting, in your car, at lunch, in the bank or sitting in the airport. So take a deep breath… and begin!


About Joyce Dillon

Joyce Dillon, RN, M.N, Founder/President of Joyce Dillon, Inc. is an internationally known life purpose, transition, creativity and personal development coach, writer, and trainer dedicated to empowering professional and entrepreneurial women to discover and live from their purpose.

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