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Are you clear about your purpose for your life?

Do you know what your gifts and talents are?

Do you have a strong support and/or spiritual community to support you in living your passion or purpose?

Are you aware of what you must change to create your life’s purpose?

Do the aspects of your life-health, relationship, money or job support you in changing your life or starting a business at this time?

Are you aware of what interests keep drawing your attention?

Do you feel you are currently expressing your uniqueness or individuality in your career or business?

Do you know someone who is doing something you like right now that you would like to be doing?

Do you have the mindset to create and live the life you deeply desire?

Thank you for taking the quiz! You are getting closer to finding and living your life purpose.

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About Joyce Dillon

Joyce Dillon, RN, M.N, Founder/President of Joyce Dillon, Inc. is an internationally known life purpose, transition, creativity and personal development coach, writer, and trainer dedicated to empowering professional and entrepreneurial women to discover and live from their purpose.

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