Overview of Coaching

Coaching Programs


You’re visiting this page for a reason. Perhaps it’s because, for a long time now, you’ve had a particular dream or vision for your life. Or, maybe you’re feeling called to make a significant difference somehow in the world. Or, the reason you’re here might be that you know you need to make a change in your life, but don’t have a clue where to begin.

Whatever the reason, you know deep inside that it’s time to act. Now.

You may be a leader, a coach, a wellness practitioner, a nurse, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a healer, or an artist. Whatever your role in life, you know that you want to bring about transformation, in yourself, your family, your community, your organization, your business, or in the world.

Our coaching programs use a holistic mind, body and spirit approach to help you realize your deepest desires. You’ll discover and clarify your life’s purpose, overcome your limiting beliefs, and create a more passionate, joyful and authentic life.

Are you ready to embrace how much is possible for you through the right guidance and support?

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What can I expect?

We’ll focus on what matters most to you in order to establish achievable goals. Your coach will suggest next steps to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. You’ll finish the session with improved clarity and direction. 

Then, you’ll choose the package that’s right for you: Life Transition, Life Purpose, or a Health & Wellness Package. Each package of sessions is custom-designed to help you manifest what you truly desire. The first session is 65 minutes and the remaining sessions are 45 minutes, or longer if needed.

How does coaching work? 

Our coaching helps you:

  • Get clear on what you deeply desire for your life
  • Define your vision, align your thoughts with your vision, then create your vision plan
  • Articulate your core values that align with your purpose
  • Identify any transitions or critical issues standing in your way
  • Set challenging yet achievable goals
  • Convert  those goals into action plans
  • Manage overwhelm, stress or frustration as these issues arise

How will I benefit from coaching?

Your coach will guide you through the visioning process to help you move through your transition and to discover what you deeply desire. You will reach your goals faster because your coach is your supportive accountability partner who offers you resources and tools that will help you make lasting change.

Or call us at 404-824-7332 to learn more. 

Here’s what our clients tell us about how their lives have transformed:

“I attended your wellness retreat, and I really enjoyed your walking us through the process of writing a life vision statement. I’m a goal setter, but I have never taken the approach to setting goals while envisioning I already had achieved them. This was a life-changing experience.”

Kristen McArthur

Onsite Health Promotion Specialist

Joyce Dillon, Life purpose coach

Joyce Dillon, RN, MN offers individual coaching over the phone or in person. Sessions are usually 60-80 minutes. The intent is to help you explore and get clarity on what you deeply desire for your life. What challenges are you having, what is emerging from your dreams, journaling, prayers, meditation or in your daily life?

What life issues are surfacing? Loss or grief, divorce, betrayal, loss of a job or home or illness. You may be feeling anxious, not sleeping, depressed or just feeling lost.

Whatever the issue is I am sure I have experienced it with one of my other clients. You don’t need to feel this way.

Give me a call at 404-824-7332 or email me at jjdillon@mindspring.com and we can discuss your life issue.