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Mako Goss

In my unique role as a female financial advisor in difficult times, I was overworked and extremely stressed. To cope, I knew I desperately needed a better work-life balance. I decided to renew my passion and commitment to my career, but see if I could do it in a healthy, more manageable way.

Joyce’s classes for women seeking to learn about their life’s calling in today’s changing environment helped me focus on taking better care of myself and making my goals and desires Priority #1. Her classes were a safe space for us to express ourselves and to learn to cope with our many roles and demands placed on us by the current environment.

Joyce taught me how to discover my unique gifts and focus on my “true calling”. I learned that I can share my gifts in the financial arena with people in a way that makes a significant difference in their lives without my sacrificing countless hours on non-productive busy work.

Today, I have a better work-life balance and continue to have increased successes in all the areas we determined needed attention. When I find myself reverting to old actions & patterns (that serve no purpose) I return to my coaching plan developed with Joyce to move me forward. Joyce’s coaching has enabled me to focus on what is meaningful and valid today. With her wisdom and quick insight, she is able to get to the heart of the matter and begin a personalized path of action on day one.

For more than a decade, Mako Goss has been advising individual investors and small business owners on the markets and about financial opportunities that exist. American Wealth Management, Inc.


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John W. O'Neal

As a licensed professional counselor in Georgia and North Carolina, a licensed master social worker in Georgia, and a nationally certified counselor for more than 25 years in the Atlanta area, I’ve helped thousands of people who are looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or who are ready to move in a new direction in their life.

Just one year ago, I made my own dramatic move. Despite my well-established, successful career, my unfulfilling “death-style” amidst Atlanta’s urban chaos compelled me to seek “higher ground.” My wife and I had longed to enjoy life in the mountains, and our environment was draining that dream. My friend Joyce Dillon supported me yet challenged me on whether I was making the right move. She encouraged me to think deeply about my objectives, and to carefully plan successful business strategies for re-establishing myself and my practice in this small North Carolina mountain town. Her support was invaluable during this challenging time.

Further, Joyce offered many suggestions on how to market my business, and she shared her many experiences as a veteran entrepreneur. She encouraged me to focus on providing the basic services needed in this smaller market, while expanding my business globally via the Internet and social media. Joyce helped me get going on my new branding and marketing campaign. As a result, my practice grew to become full-time within six months of arriving in Andrews, and my wife and I are finally living our dream!

John O’Neal is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in Georgia and North Carolina, a licensed master social worker (LMSW) in Georgia, and a nationally certified counselor (NCC) who specializes in individual, group, couples, filial, family and hypnotherapy.


life coaching success stories

Sucheta Rawal

In 2008, I was a well-paid consultant working with large companies to develop their human capital. At the same time, I was seeking to develop and improve myself, and find my true life’s calling. While exploring my relationships and spirituality, I learned about Joyce Dillon’s workshop for women seeking to find their life passion and purpose.

During Joyce’s workshop, I aimed to: 1) learn about life changes and experiences from older women in the group; 2) reduce my stress concerning work, family, relationships and the future; and 3) make changes to have more happiness in my life. As a result of her workshop, I achieved a better sense of life balance and spiritual stability. Later, Joyce’s retreat further solidified the previous workshop concepts.

Through my transformation process, Joyce helped me identify what I really love to do, which is to write, travel, and give back to society. The blog I began has since evolved into a non-profit educational organization designed to raise awareness about other cultures through their cuisine and community service.

Joyce’s unique background, training and coaching techniques enable her to effectively listen, understand and guide people toward their success. Four years after her workshop and retreat, she remains a partner in my life’s journey. Thanks to Joyce, my new career does not feel like work, and I enjoy a much happier life today!

Sucheta Rawal is a freelance writer, foodie and travel enthusiast. Born and raised in India, she is a homegrown chef who is expert at many cuisines. After years of throwing great parties and cooking for friends and family, Sucheta has taken her experience into food and travel journalism. The Go Eat Give movement is about exploring the world and learning about different cultures through food and community service.


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