Changing the Workplace Through Conscious Living

By Sucheta Rawal, Atlanta Workplace Examiner

An interview with Joyce Dillon, expert in Life Purpose, Transition and Entrepreneurship


Are you depressed with the way you are treated at your job? Do you feel your skills and talents are not best utilized? Are you looking for a meaningful work environment, somewhere you are valued as a person, not a task machine? Or you want to do something that you are passionate about? Perhaps you might be feeling stuck in the rat race or feeling optimistic that a change is inevitable.

The good news is that we are in the middle of a shift towards creating a more conscious workplace. Clearly, there are many problems in corporations, workplaces, managers and employees that are creating an environment of imbalance and need to be addressed. Some companies are already realizing this and making a change in how they do businesses. They are addressing the personal and professional needs of their employees, their communities and the environment. According to Joyce Dillon, Atlanta based women’s life purpose, transition expert, certified life and wellness coach and CEO of Joyce Dillon, Inc. in the near future there will be many changes in how people work.

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Some of these are:

More and more women would get the opportunity to take equal partnerships and leadership positions. Our workplace has primarily been patriotic and dominated by masculinity, but the balance women’s intuition and creativity bring to problem solving is also critical. Women will not model men to lead in these roles, but would do so using their feminine natural resources.

For an individual, personal development will need to become the foremost priority to achieve this new balance. We would need to take responsibility for our own emotions and reactions. We are so much in the habit of blaming someone else (our managers, coworkers, circumstances, etc.) that we let our minds dwell on it and create stories that destroy us, rather than make a choice of how to react to the negativity surrounding us. Therefore, there will be a shift in thinking and behaviors.

A lot of people come to work with stress and anger mostly because they are unaware, which is not productive to the company. Corporate executives agree that reducing stress and encouraging a more balanced and healthy lifestyle can greatly increase productivity and satisfaction on the job.

Leaders would need to be aware and conscious of their own thinking, to look at their own core issues and know who they are. They would remove the past beliefs they carry and see situations for what they truly are. They would lead with wisdom, passion and purpose. Seeing other people for who they are would lead to compassion, engagement and commitment. Employees want to work in a place where they feel empowered, which in turn ensures the long term sustainability of the business as well.

We don’t have to become frustrated if we are unable to live our passion through work. We need to find things outside of the workplace that satisfy our higher sense of purpose. Our society is so caught up with identification through ranks, money and power, that we lose our sense of meaning and are totally distraught without a job. We need to build a support system through friends, volunteering and giving back to the world.

Finally, Joyce states grounding yourself and finding who you truly are is the first steps you need to take to embark on this journey of consciousness. She recommends spending some time daily in some form of spiritual practice, be it meditation, chanting, praying, walking, painting or anything that works for you. Also, surround yourself with reminders of things you care about, such as pictures, interests, etc. Don’t overwork yourself and strive to maintain a balance within yourself, in your life and in the world around you.

Joyce Dillon, RN, MN

Joyce Dillon, RN, MN

Joyce Dillon is a women’s life purpose, transition and entrepreneurial coach, that works with individuals, leaders and entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry who want to get clarity on purpose, and create a visionary life plan for manifesting a successful life and or business.  

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