Why A Women’s Retreat is the Ultimate Getaway!

This year is half over already – perhaps it’s time to stop a moment and assess where you are in the course of your life. If you’re making plans to take some time off this summer, consider taking an all-women’s retreat, rather than a vacation. Why?

For many of us in our busy life, a retreat is not a luxury, yet it is still a special event. Just like our monthly massages, semi-annual dental check-ups, and our annual mammogram, a retreat is an essential part of our self-care routine for which we need to make time at least once a year.

Like a regular vacation, a retreat can offer lots of fun activities balanced with quiet relaxation, but most of us aren’t there just to soak up some rays and play. We attend a retreat so we can work on ourselves, so we can get quiet and go deep into our soul to perhaps uncover something long lost, or to bring forth something new, more relevant or more meaningful in our lives. Many of us want to find our life’s true purpose, and we’re willing to share this enlightening experience with other women who are also self-examining.

Why We Need All-Women Retreats

So many of us women must deal with a multitude of emotions and challenges in our overwhelmingly busy lives. We often feel selfish and guilty about taking a few days off from our demanding job or business, or taking time away from our family in order to quietly spend it just reconnecting with ourselves and other women. In fact, we’re often guilty of “busy-ness,” of doing too much especially for others, and that’s actually one of the main compelling reasons we need retreats. We’re challenged to leave behind our long “must-do” lists, yet we must get away from our demanding environments so that we have no choice except to relax and just “be.”

Whether we’re meditating in solitude or sharing openly, the nurturing support of other women can help us explore questions of “who am I, really, and how do I want my life to be?” As a result of that self-inquiry, we can often pool our feminine energy to help each other make the necessary changes.

Therefore, a women’s retreat can lead to something new and truly wonderful in our lives, including a healthier lifestyle. Retreating, especially with all women, gives us the freedom to reach inward and more deeply than ever before; it empowers us to heal ourselves, to question our path, to re-examine and redesign our lives, and expand our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits. The safe, nurturing, and often lush and natural environment enables us to embrace our feminine energy along with Mother Nature, the epitome of our essence.

Whether you choose a week-long empowerment event with a variety of adventurous, confidence-building activities, a three-day getaway to focus on health, yoga and breathing exercises, or just a one-day retreat to designed to teach meditation, a retreat gives you permission to just “be” and not have to “do.” You can have fun, be adventurous, be creative, be focused on your health, or just be silent. No matter the retreat’s format, you are sure to come away changed through experiencing a different place, time, culture, lifestyle and perspective.

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