What is Conscious Living?

Today’s post is an excerpt from my upcoming book “Fully Conscious Living”.

Fully conscious living is first and foremost choosing a way of life that starts by being aware, awake and responsible for our thoughts, beliefs, projections and lifestyle choices. It is becoming aware of what is occurring both externally and internally in our body and mind.

Deep, conscious living involves all forms of life choices, including:

  • Choosing to awaken and become aware of your thoughts, emotions, and unconscious aspects in your life that have blocked you from feeling fully alive.
  • Recognizing what is not in alignment with your highest and best self, and taking responsibility to release it from your life.
  • Learning to resist nothing by looking it “straight in the eyes,” blessing it and being grateful for it.
  • Remaining in integrity and honoring your soul’s authentic purpose for your life.
  • Learning how to reset your thoughts to move you quickly into a higher vibration.
  • Choosing healthy foods that nourish your brain, body and soul.
  • Aligning your heart with your brain to manage anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Getting crystal clear on how to manifest your passion, life purpose and destiny.
  • Understanding how to use the laws of manifestation to create what you want and avoid what you don’t.
  • Engaging others with gratitude, forgiveness, selfless service and self-love to profoundly shift your life.
  • Connecting with and shifting your relationship with the Earth as its caretaker.

Choosing to live a conscious lifestyle is the key to living a fully engaged life in all areas -relationships, career, health, spirituality, well-being, environment, and service.

How are you choosing to become more conscious? Let me know by commenting below or emailing me at jjdillon@mindspring.com.


  1. John O'Neal says

    I engage in conscious living by remembering and being as true as possible to my sacred contact with All That Is….performing the tasks, deeds, and purpose for which I was designed…


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