Taking a Leap Of Faith Jumping Into The Abyss

Taking a Leap Of Faith Jumping Into The Abyss

I recently had to ask myself “What do you really, really, really want for your life?

I mean from the bottom of your Soul what do you desire?

Alicia Keys, Grammy award singer, asked on the Voice, “Who are you? Whom will you allow yourself to be?

Well, I decided to explore the question more deeply.

My lease was up, I had some health issues, and I could not keep working in a career that was not supporting my dreams and visions.

I decided to leave Atlanta and spend some time with a friend at the beach in Saint Simons, GA.

This gave me some time to heal my body and to recommit to living my purpose.

The decision to leave my job, my friends, and the city I had lived in for 20 years was not easy. I had delayed this decision for years!


I had to face intense fears, old beliefs, loss, grief, and deep sadness. I had to open my heart and become vulnerable and ask for guidance from a divine source.


We are all living during one of the greatest periods of transformational change on the planet.

This transformational change or shift in consciousness requires us to make the needed change in our old outdated beliefs, repetitive thoughts, and unhealed wounds.

It requires us to face our fears, live more from the edge, be bold and take chances.

Here are a few of the things I did that helped me get more clarity and reconnect to my purpose.

  • Meditated and prayed daily.
  • Went outside to the beach or in the woods and connected with Nature.
  • Reconfirmed my dreams and vision for my life.
  • Refused to allow fear to destroy my vision for my life.
  • Honored my creativity by taking art classes and listening to poetry.

Please let me know how you are dealing with your transformational changes. I really want to know!

I offer “DEEP COACHING” to explore what is happening in your life and to help clarify what you deeply desire for your life.


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