Five Ways to Live More Deeply During Challenging Times

Five Ways to Live More Deeply During Challenging Times

According to Abraham Maslow’s higher order of needs, we all need to feel our basic needs are met. During this time of loss, depression, and disconnection from each other, we are moving back and forth from our higher needs to our basic safety ones.

Take a minute to answer these questions and ask yourself, “Are my needs being met?”

  1. Are you eating healthfully?
  2. Are you giving your body enough exercise and sunshine
  3. Do you have emotional or physical issues that need more conscious attention?
  4. Are you getting enough rest and sleep?
  5. Are you feeling safe in your home and work environments?

If you are feeling frustrated with not reaching your higher potential, perhaps you can explore whether your basic needs are being met.

Contact me to schedule a 30-minute call and we will explore whether this is a good next step for you.

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