Are You Living The Life You Really Want?

As we approach the mid-year, I want to ask you an important question: Are you living the life you deeply desire?

If not, are you willing to do what is necessary to live a happier and more purposeful life during the rest of 2013, and for the rest of your life?

You may recognize that your life today is more stressful, complicated and unpredictable than it has ever been. As a result, you may feel tired, worried, stressed and drained. You may be experiencing some kind of crisis, loss or concern about finances, health or relationships. Perhaps you feel caught up in a “robotic routine” because you are trapped in your daily grind of just doing, rarely stopping to be mindful of your life and what is happening around you, and to just experience the simple joy of being.

Does this sound like you? Are you trying to maintain a lifestyle that no longer sustains and supports you, while secretly yearning for a life that is simpler and more purposeful?

As an entrepreneur who has been running my own personal development and coaching business for 25 years, I know firsthand how exhausting it can be to keep all the “balls in the air.”

So, several years ago I made a decision to work more in my home office, decrease most of my unnecessary commitments, and also reduce activities such as excessive networking, conferences and volunteering. I released many people around me who were not honoring and supporting me in my personal and spiritual development. I decided to spend more time alone to meditate, write, walk, pray, and share the precious life I have left with friends who are awake and who have a high vibration for life. I also decided to engage in activism that can help change the world.

Are YOU ready for a change? To make change requires you to get quiet and to create time to be introspective. When you do, ask yourself these essential questions:

  • What do I deeply want for my life?
  • What is trying to emerge through me?
  • What do I have to let go of to receive what I want?

I offer the following suggestions to help you energize and reconnect to what is truly important to you:

  • Take off your mask and look at the truth of your life and the world around you. We are all divine souls who have emotions and the ability to live as we choose.
  • Stop telling your STORY! If you are still telling the same old story, you have not “let go” so you can heal your life. Instead of the story, ask yourself what you have learned from your life experience and what you need to release so you can move forward. Allow yourself to move through the resistance to hear the truth.
  • Understand that your relationships reflect your relationship with yourself. If you do not love yourself, you will have a void in your connection with your body, mind and spirit. If you want intimacy and deep love in your life, you must first love yourself. You will then attract the vibration of a similar level of love from everyone around you.
  • Avoid gurus, leaders or teachers who attempt to take your power and control from you, or prevent you from using your full power. You already have the God/goddess ability to change and heal your life.
  • Regain your own power by choosing not to be a victim. Do not listen to fearful thoughts from people around you or from the negative media. Find informational sources that support and empower you to become powerful.
  • Clear and detox your body, mind, and spirit. Connect with the Earth: place your feet on the Earth and allow the energy to move upward in your body and release your fear and negativity. Listen to music that has a high vibration because these sounds can help clear and rebalance your cells. Go to for free downloads.
  • Take definitive action to improve your life. Stop telling yourself you will make a change tomorrow.

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