7 Great Reasons to Listen to Discover Your Calling

rainbowWelcome to 2014 a New Year.

How is this year going to be different than last year? If you don’t make any changes in your beliefs, dreams or expectations for your life not much will change.

If you could live your life with more passion and purpose what would you be doing, what would you be feeling, how would your life change?

It is not that difficult to make simple life changes than can dramatically shift your life?

This is why Jennifer, my co-host and myself decided to make our own life changes this year and to offer the strategies and practices we are doing on a free teleconference: Discover Your Calling: 4 Power Steps to Activate Your Life Purpose; Wednesday, January 15th at 7:00pm EST.

We have so many people who are interested we had to get more telephone lines! If you can’t attend the complementary teleconference just go ahead and sign up and we will send you the link to download the call.

If you are struggling with feeling connected, passionate, in service and living your purpose here are 7 reasons you should listen to the teleconference.

  1. You have a sense that there is more you are here to be and do in this lifetime, but you are not clear how to tap into your brilliance.
  2. You know you’re supposed to be living a much bigger life than you are now, but don’t know how to make this change.
  3. You’re stuck in old emotions, memories and other unproductive life patterns
  4. You dread going to work or performing your current daily activities.
  5. You expend a lot of energy resisting change or trying to force things to happen or go your way.
  6. You don’t feel connected to your life anymore, or you don’t feel aligned to the natural flow of the universe.
  7. You are frustrated with your lack of progress and spend too much time with struggle, fear and doubt.

Seize this opportunity to explore 4 Power Steps to Activate Your Life Purpose. Sign up Now!

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