4 Power Steps to Activate Your Life Purpose

Are you longing to live your purpose and destiny in life?

Have you spent years working on your personal and spiritual development, only to recognize a confusing gap between what you deeply desire and what you experience in your daily life?

Why does it seem so difficult to discover your life purpose?

Most of us were taught to not honor our divine gifts and instead choose a career or job that would bring us power and/or financial security. Midlife people– particularly women –are waking up inside, longing for something greater than traditional successful endeavors, realizing that they are living out someone else’s dream.

We all have a unique talent…something we love to do better than anyone else in the world.

When we use that special talent or gift to serve others, we live in the highest potential of our essence.

You are invited to discover your own unique life purpose… During this free teleclass, my colleague Jennifer McKenna will join me. Together, we’ll provide you with an overview and understanding of the 4 Power Steps to Activate Your Life Purpose!

  1. Create a Vision – Clarify what is attempting to emerge from within to help you create the life you deserve.
  2. Conquer Fear and Doubt – Identify old self-sabotaging core beliefs that keep you stuck in a vicious cycle or unable to hear and respond to your calling.
  3. Break Down to Breakthrough – Understand the current shift in awareness that is causing dramatic or traumatic change in our personal lives and around the globe, which is actually supporting our transformation.
  4. Create Your Community – Learn how to build a support system of like-minded people and resources to help you create and develop the next steps that will bring your vision to life.

We look forward to you joining us for this free teleclass on January 15th, 2014 at 7:00 pm EST.

Have a beautiful, peaceful Holiday Season.

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