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Are you struggling to create the life you deeply desire, find your life purpose, breakthrough old emotional barriers, improve your health dramatically or create the love you deeply desire? 

Do you want to feel more alive and empowered, and absolutely certain you are living the life you dream of?

You may have made great change in many aspects of your life but in some areas you feel stuck, unhappy, and unfulfilled. You wonder why some people are living a happier, more balanced, and prosperous life. Why not you?

What is the secret?

Simply This: Consciously choose to get clear about what you would love for your life, create a written life vision, shift your thinking to positive beliefs, understand how your unconscious mind and universal laws support your vision and then take committed, consistent action to achieve what you desire.

The Results: Our coaching program will help you shift and reprogram old belief patterns, gain clarity about what you would love for each area of your life. It will help you shift your thinking from what caused you to stay in the “stuck situation” to understanding how to begin to create a different outcome for your life.

Let me help!

Hi, I’m Joyce Dillon, life and wellness coach, holistic nurse, empowerment trainer, author and my passion is in helping busy professional women, who feel stuck, get clear on their dream and accelerate the results they desire.

Many of the women I work with are experiencing a life transition, career challenge, relationship issue, health/stress condition, or significant loss.

Here are a few of the results of the women who are now living their best life!

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Like Michelle, who spent years working as a grant writer and traveling 40 miles each way to a job that was slowly draining her life energy and affecting her outlook on life. Through coaching and letting go of fear based beliefs, Michelle got clear about her life purpose and how she wanted to live her life. Michelle quit her job and soon after found a new opportunity. Today, Michelle is working as a marketing real estate assistant and living the life she deeply desires. 

Like Lisa, who was extremely stressed out and worked at least 10 hours daily and on the weekends. Lisa came for coaching because she had difficulty setting boundaries at work, and was starting to have health issues. Through coaching Lisa was able to get clear about how she wanted to make change in several areas of her life. She created a schedule for her to leave work on time, become more empowered and set limits with other employees and started walking daily and swimming weekly. Lisa has been able to make profound change and to have time to find the love of her life.

Like Joan, who came to see me because she was unable to move forward with her career path because she was deeply engaged in her old beliefs, and unproductive thoughts that were triggered from her early life experiences. Joan learned how to disengage from her past circumstance and to focus on how to forgive and to envision the life she wanted now. Joan has been able to get clear on her career path and returned to school to become a chef and has learned how to better manage her mind through meditation and a thought refocusing practice to help her create a new way of living her life.

Do you want results like these?

Then all you need to do is request a discovery session, where we’ll meet together for 30 minutes and uncover what you’d really like to create in your life, and I will show you how I can help you reach your dream. 

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Life Coaching

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Life Coaching