Do you dread going to work everyday? Are you exhausted by the prospect of another year doing the same thing? Are you ready to let go of fear and doubt and begin to live more fully from your vision for your life?

I know you want a life with more purpose and meaning but may not have a clue where to start.

Creating a new life, career or business for yourself is easier than you think. I have empowered thousands of people to discover the true purpose within themselves.

You have everything inside of you to move forward - I'm glad you're here...


Individual Coaching Programs


What is the secret to create the life you desire?

Simply This: Consciously choose to get clear about what you desire for your life, align your thoughts with your vision, create a written vision statement and then take committed, consistent action to achieve what you desire.

The Results: Our coaching programs will help you shift and reprogram old belief patterns, gain clarity about what you would love for each area of your life. It will help you shift your thinking from what caused you to stay in the “stuck situation” and to understanding how to begin to create a different outcome for your life.


Let me help!

Hi, I’m Joyce Dillon, life and wellness coach, empowerment trainer, intuitive painter, author and my passion is in helping professional midlife people, who feel stuck, get clear on their life vision and how to accelerate change. I connect the success strategies of coaching, creativity, wellness, and spirituality as the links to live a full, vital, healthy lifestyle.

Many of the people I work with are experiencing a life transition, desire to reinvent themselves, a career challenge, or significant life change.

Meet the extraordinary women who attended the last retreat and are choosing to live the life they deeply desire.



Here are a few of the results of the women who are now living their best life! Like Michelle, who spent years working as a grant writer and traveling 40 miles each way to a job that was slowly draining her life energy and affecting her outlook on her life. Read more results.

Do you want results like these?



Then all you need to do is request a strategy session, where we’ll meet together for 30 minutes and uncover what you’d really like to create in your life, and I will show you how I can help you reach your dream.

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Transformational Intuitive Painting Class

This one of the most powerful ways I know to get unstuck and launch your vision for your business, relationship, health or spiritual connection.

Come learn to overcome your fears, break through old patterns and tap into your mysterious place of creation and soul exploration.

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Transformational Intuitive Painting Class